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The machine shop is an integral part of our manufacturing facility. We are able to design and fabricate the needed jigs for our 3D Robotic capabilities.

CAD Program
We can provide 2D drawings as part of our submittal process. We are able to take it from concept to

3-D robotic welder

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Robotic Automation specializes in delivering solutions to customers that are competitive and achieve results. The alliance between Lincoln Electric Company Fanuc Robotics translates into an unparalleled combination of welding and robotics expertise. In-house tooling and fixturing reduces overhead costs for manufacturing products on a small scale as well as a large ones. The 3-D robotic welder is capable of welding aluminum, stainless steel as well as mild steel.

Linear welders

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Linear welders provide welding opportunities for long horizontal welds with the precision of a robot but over longer span. These programmable drive units are also programmable to create stitch welds over a given distances based on the job requirement saving labor and time as well as layout.

CNC Plasma Machines

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We have to plasma units at our disposal. Our small table has a cutting capability up to three quarters of an inch this table is used many times two great slotted holes in clip angles and brackets and tubing which is faster to produce than old conventional methods via Iron Worker. Our second table is a 5 x 10’ table with an HP130 high definition cutting head, this machine is capable of cutting materials up to 1 ¼” and is used many times for creating heavy-duty pump bases splitting I-beams to create T bars as well as generalized cutting.

CNC Draw bender

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Computerized draw bender as a maximum capability up to 2” schedule 40 pipe and houses dies for bending flats, pipe, tubing as well as square tubing. Storing programs for future use is simple and guarantees repeatability when producing parts that may be required over several months.

CNC Rolling Machine

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Computerized machine is designed for rolling square tubing, round tubing, pipe, flat bar angle and channel. Storing programs for future use is simple and guarantees repeatability when producing parts that may be required over several months.

CNC cut off machine

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Sawing capabilities are up to 8” sq. this unit is programmed to feed material and cut at the desired length moving parts as heavy as 150 pounds a foot.

100 Ton Ironworker

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Ironworker has a capacity of shearing one-inch thick material by 12 inches long it also has the capability of shearing ½” x 6” x 6” angle. Hole punching begins at ¼” and goes up to an 1  1/16”, with the oversize die installing hole punching can increase to 1 ¾ of an inch in materials up to 3/8 of an inch thick.

50 Ton Ironworker

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This unit performs repetitious hole punching a numerous types of mounting plates.

50 ton flange punch

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This unit gives us the ability to punch up to a 1 inch hole in center the web of a  14” I Beam or channel, it also can be used to punch holes in I-beams flanges as well as the legs of a C channel. This unit mounts on a conveyor system for processing parts or can be used by hand off of an overhead hoist system.

CST 25 Ton Ironworker

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Ideal Ironworker for small applications and repairs.

Horizontal press former

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Capable of forming channels, squares, and many different specialized configurations to suit project requirements. With dial indicators, preset stops and specially designed tooling repeatability of this unit far superior than previous tools of this nature.

CNC linear drill

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The PD100 saves time and money with quick and precise positioning. The pneumatic Auto-brake, located directly on the moving carrier, locks in the stop position eliminating slip and motor load. With its precision steel guide and hardened double ball bearings, the moving carrier is built to last. The system also features a servo motor with a precision rack and pinion to ensure fast, accurate positioning with no backlash. Adjustable table legs allow for easy setup with any available saw, drill, ironworker and punching machine

CNC milling machine

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The Haas high-performance Super-Speed vertical machining centers provide the high spindle speeds, fast rapids, and quick tool changes necessary for high-volume production and reduced cycle times. Each SS machine features a 12,000-rpm, inline direct-drive spindle, an ultra-fast side-mount tool changer, and high-speed rapids on all axes. The VF-2SSYT offers more Y-axis travel than our very popular VF-2SS.Extended Y-axis travelHigh-speed spindleFast rapidsSuper-speed side-mount tool changerMade in the USA

Auto pneumatic drill heads

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Two of these units are in-house. These are used to produce multiple small parts requiring repeatability in specialty holes and/or tapping at a faster speed that is available through conventional methods i.e. and end mill and tap Heads.

CAD drawings

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Our company has complete CAD drawing capabilities which makes it possible for us to create DXF files to be converted into G code for all of our CNC units.

Cold saw

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Used for cutting steel, also doing miter cuts.

Pipe Mitre Notcher

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Revolutionary design enables this unit to create any pipe joint up to 2 inches at any angle with any denomination of pipe fitting up to 2” pipe diameter.

15 ton flange punch

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This unit is used much like the 50 ton flange punch but on a smaller scale.

Hydracrop 55

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Universal Ironworker with 2 independent hydraulic cylinders, 2 areas and 5 work

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